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At Fortius Capital Partners we seek properties in dynamic locations with attractive labor markets, economic drivers, and access to transportation infrastructure.

We achieve results by aligning with our capital partners, purchasing quality properties at good value and then following a targeted strategy to generate rental income and steady appreciation. We seek properties located in growing communities with attractive labor markets and economic drivers; in addition, we seek properties with excellent access to transportation infrastructure.

We specialize in single-tenant industrial buildings and portfolios that are highly functional and universally desirable by tenants. While the buildings typically fall between 20,000 and 100,000 square feet, they may fall outside this range. Although we tend to avoid highly specialized buildings, we will acquire properties that are strategically important to existing tenants.

We develop industrial and office properties when we see an imbalance of supply and demand within submarkets where we are very active. In addition, we invest in office and multi-tenant industrial & flex properties.

Competitive Advantage

Our principals have operational experience in commercial real estate and understand the business from the ground up. Through our strategic alliances in the brokerage community, we keep pulse on the tenant and buyer’s markets and are swift to react to opportunities when they arise.

Through our experience in property management, we understand the important structural, operational, financial and tenant issues that undergird property value. Through our experience in asset management, we help our capital partners optimize property value by assessing debt, equity, property operations, budgeting and leasing issues.

Investment Philosophy

Our primary goals are to add value by developing or stabilizing properties and then to create regular cash flows for our investors. By purchasing properties at attractive prices, we also seek to add value and capture upside in a responsible and prudent fashion. We are diligent to reinvest in our properties to pro-long life and preserve value.

With our proven track record in brokerage, property management and asset management, we advise our capital partners with fundamental real estate insight, sound financial analysis, realistic market-based projections, and a long-term approach to value. We are averse to taking on risk without having clear purpose and understanding. We constantly address ways to mitigate or avoid risk across the spectrum.

By allying ourselves with capital partners who have similar investment philosophies, we are able to achieve scale and broader reach. We always strive to do the right thing - by our capital partners, our tenants and our properties. In valuing tenant relationships and taking care of our properties, we believe that our investors will enjoy attractive returns. And we always invest our own capital alongside that of our capital partners, thus marrying our interests with theirs.

Fortius Capital Partners

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